Sunday, June 12, 2011

Alive and kickin'!

I feel that all I've been doing lately is apologizing for not updating the blog, but believe me when I say that the reason it doesn't get updated is because we're too busy doing stuff that I'll blog about! See?!!? It's a vicious cycle! We have been non-stop since May, but we've finally hit a lull and I'm able to sit back, breathe and soak it all in!

First of all, Miss Lily graduated from Pre-K! I'm happy, I'm sad...I don't know what I am!

But, she is so excited about starting kindergarten in August. Here's a snippet from her graduation ceremony. I love this song and it's even better being sung by such precious voices!!

Next, Sam has passed 3rd grade and is on his way into 4th! Yay, Sam!!! Oh, I forgot to mention one thing.............

Boo-yah! That's right -- straight A's, AGAIN! Let me point this out -- Sam has had straight A's every year since he's been in school! I know, I'm bragging (and I don't like braggers), but he has worked his little hiney off this year and I'm very proud of him!!! (And I'm gonna brag about it, dadgummit!)

Both kids had some fun End of Year parties! Here are a few pics:

Lily and her BFF, Claire!

Fun water slide!
Awesome, Glow in the Dark party! Man, the kids loved this!!!!
Glow in the Dark slime!

And the neighborhood tradition...the "Annual Squirting of the Kids" when they get off of the bus on the last day! So fun!

So, May was pretty much filled with end of year parties, graduations and celebrations. And the best part of it all is that SUMMER IS HERE!!! My favorite time of year!


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