Saturday, June 18, 2011

Family Times

Our next summer excursion took us to Auburn, AL to spend some time with my sister's family and my mom! Visiting my sister and her family is always tops on Sam and Lily's list not only because they get to play with their cousins, but also they get to live the "farm life" for change.

They took a dip in the lake.

Lily really knows how to relax!

Sam showed his fishing skills!

We visited a friend's farm and had the chance to play with some newborn goats! Who knew goats could be so photogenic?!?!

Or kissable?!?!

After a few days in Opelika, we finished our week by staying with my mom for a few days.

I love taking pictures at my parents place. The old barns and big trees make for such a beautiful setting! While we were in Auburn, the kids got to spend time with their great aunt and great uncle! I love that they have that opportunity, because so many children their age do not have any "greats" to talk with and share their love!

Then we headed home, unpacked, repacked and headed to Lake Burton for a week. This story to come!

Lovin Summer~

P.S. Random pic:

I like cows and this one really wanted me to take it's picture. It told me so! Moooo!

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The Hill Family said...

You always take the best pictures. Of course, your subjects are so beautiful, it would be kind of hard not to. ;)