Monday, June 27, 2011

And the next stop....

on our Summer Fun Train took us to Lake Burton for a week with friends!

You've seen me write about my friend, Nicole. We've been friends since we were in the 5th grade. So, using a calculator/abacus/sundial....that's over 30 years! And we're still going strong! So, when she and her husband invited us to spend a week with them at their family's lake house, we jumped at the chance!

Matt and Nicole have two girls about Sam and Lily's age, Logan and Ava. The four of them get along great and never tired of each other the whole week. One of the fun additions to the week was that the kids attended Camp High Harbour on the lake. It's a "YMCA" camp and is a kid's dream come true! Ski boats, horseback riding, rock climbing, nature hikes, etc. The commute was by boat (sure beats the school bus)and they were so eager to tell of their adventures everyday when we picked them up!

The men went mountain biking, Nicole and I shopped and we all hung out on the boat everyday like we were kid-less, care-free adults! But hey, at 4:00, we pulled up to the dock, loaded the kids and enjoyed the fun we had as two happy families!

Here are some pics of our fun:

Here the girls are getting Sam right where they want him!!!

Summer fun!

"Mom, can we take a boat to school everyday?!?!?"

Tired kids at night! Freshly showered and playing with their iTouchs!

Matt made some incredible peach ice cream! Yummmmm!

Lily always gettin' some Daddy love!

Evening stroll on the dock...

We took a tour of a home that is for sale. It's only $5.9 MILLION! It is appropriately called "Rainbows End". This is Nicole and me standing in the basement fireplace. Click here to see the full tour and prepare to be awed!

I apologize for no make-up, but that's how we do it on the lake! Ha!

Beauty abounds!

Loved the Lake Life~

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