Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Play the violins, 'cuz I'm talking about LOVE!

Friday, May 2nd was our 16th wedding anniversary!!!! Now, we actually had our first date October 31, 1987. So that puts us together for nearly 21 years! (I choose to erase the six month "hiatus" during college when John was having issues!!! HAAAA!) Anyway, can I say that these past 21 years have been spent with my best friend?!?!

We had ten years of married life before kids and had some amazingly fun times - we set up camp on a volcano in Hawaii, we've done canopy tours in Costa Rica, gone boating around St. John USVI, toured the Pacific Coast Highway and we've camped with the wild horses on Cumberland Island just to name a few! Then after ten years we decide to take on a new!

These last six years as a family have brought many new high, lows and in betweens, but everything has been experienced together with my best friend! He is an incredible father to Sam and Lily (No others that I know of!) and he's an incredible husband to me!

Check out these pictures...big hair and see our progression over the years!

Sickening to some, but wonderful for me! And I thank God for "us" everyday!


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