Thursday, May 29, 2008

Creative juices are flowing!

So now that summer is here and I'm in charge of entertaining my kids full-time (insert sympathetic look here), I'm trying some different activities to keep them occupied and away from the t.v. Today we tried our hands at painting.

Believe it or not, there was not a big mess to clean (thank you to whomever invented washable paints) and the end result was very cute! hour occupied with a new activity! What do you think of the finished products?

Here are a few updated pictures of the pool and the stone work! It looks so pretty! We've gotten the permit on the electrical and gas lines, so next is the pool deck and the interior finish. After that?!?!!! SWIMMING! Oh yeah, we will need to add water, lots of water!

Look at this little gift from Mother Nature! Beee-uuuu-teeee-ful! I love summer!


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