Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Taking time to smell the flowers!

Well, we literally do that all of the time around here! Then, they are usually picked and pulled apart. I'm trying to teach Lily Clare to just look and sniff. "Please respect Mommy's flowers!" At least this time she listened! Can you see the pollen on her nose? (Click on the picture to zoom in!)

Also, here are the latest pool pics! We are so excited and so ready to jump in. (Adding water would probably be nice, though!) Our pool guy says that we should be swimming by the second week of June! We hope so!

Eagerly awaiting a swim~


Debbie said...

Man, that pool looks big!!! I hope you get as much pleasure from your pool as I do from mine. By the way, the bats visited mine last night. Gave me the creeps...LOL!!!!

The Church Lady said...

Thanks again for the beautiful yellow tulips and the adorable vase.

Have a wonderful summer in that beautiful pool. We'll have to do lunch.