Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Fun! (Lots of pics...)

Oh, how I love three day weekends! That extra day gives you time to have family fun, while leaving some time to accomplish a little work around the house!

Well, I definitely laid out some work plans for us - much to John's chagrin. Lowes was running a sale on gallons of paint, (which doesn't happen very often) so how could I pass that up?!?!? I bought four gallons and plotted a course on painting the living room, half bath and dining room. As of Monday night, the living room is finished, the half bath is half done and the dining room will be my lone project. (--After I paid someone to wallpaper the dining room when we moved in, I've come to the realization that I'm not a wallpaper person.) SO, I'll be stripping the paper before we can venture to the paint. I'll post some pictures when all of the projects are complete.

But Saturday was our day of fun! After Sam's baseball practice, we headed to downtown ATL for a special treat! We went to see Wall-E at the Fox Theatre! I'll take any excuse to get inside the Fox, and this was perfect. The movie was great and the kids loved the theatre, especially the stars and clouds that move along the ceiling! FYI- the Fox Theatre was built in the early 1900's and was built to resemble an Arabian courtyard with a starry sky and mosques all around. Beautiful!

Sam and Lily in an Arabian throne:

Lily primping in the fancy bathroom:

The rooftop of the Fox Theater:

After the movie, we walked around downtown to take in the views, then journeyed into Midtown for some ice cream and to hunt down a playground. We found both and spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the great weather! We had dinner at one of our favorite burrito places in Decatur then walked back to our car while catching glimpses of some of my favorite pieces of public art!

Sam's view of a skyscraper:

Another ATL landmark - Yum...chili-dogs:

A trip to an "Urban Park":

Not sure who the mysterious third child is!:

My favorite sculptures in Decatur:


John and me in a few decades!
Fun, fun, fun!

Sam ended the long weekend with one less tooth! (The best part is that he whistles when he talks! HA!) So cute!


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The Hill Family said...

you guys are just the cutest family!! i love all of your outings!! and your pictures are so good, Laurie! you are good with a camera, girlfriend! :)

i am impressed by your painting in the house! we have never attempted that kind of project at our would spell d-i-s-a-s-t-e-r!! :D

glad you guys are well...we need to plan something. a family outing may be fun so the kids can see each other??