Monday, September 8, 2008

Lots of "Firsts"!!

This week has brought us a lot of "firsts" in the family!

Wednesday was Lily Clare's first day of preschool! She did crying...she just walked right in and started playing. I was overjoyed!! However, I will not pretend that this has continued. Friday and today she had to be pried off of me and taken into the classroom. Honestly, this is a horrible way to start my day. Could I feel any more guilty?!?!? I hope this doesn't continue too much longer. I'm not sure I can take it....

She looks happy to me?!?!?

For Sam, he has had his first baseball game and Cub Scout meeting. His first game was on Saturday and he did pretty good! Little man had 4 RBI's!!! He was shuffled between catcher, left field and second base. They shifted him pretty quickly from the catcher position after he hit a few of the batters in the back of the helmet with the ball. But overall, he did great!

Action photo:

Sunday was his first Cub Scout meeting. (And I've finally stopped the bleeding from my fingers from sewing on his patches! Yhew! HA!) They learned the motto, "Do your best", and practiced the famous salute! How honorable does he look?!?!??!

By the way, this cute little Cub is selling popcorn, if anyone is interested! I'm sure it's a whole lot better than that stuff in the grocery store! :-)

Lily is still enjoying gymnastics and is looking forward to her birthday next week!

Just being a "Mom"~

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The Hill Family said...

Laurie, your posts always make me smile! I can just hear you saying what you are writing..too cute!

Poor Lily (and you!), but I'm sure she will adjust quickly..fingers crossed!

I love how you sign off of your posts..i started copying that. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?? :)

Have a great week!!