Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So, I was responsible for snacks at Sam's baseball game. I pondered, "What could I bring that will be fun and yummy!?!?"

Genius idea...Cracker Jack! You know, the fun snack mentioned in "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"?!? How creative is that?

Well, first of all, imagine my surprise when the boys were asking "What is a Cracker Jack!?!?" Huh? Cracker Jack? The awesome popcorn and peanut treat that comes with a prize?!?!?

They tore into the boxes, liked what they tried and went on home for the evening. I was pleased!

Now, looking at these boxes of caramel goodness brought back some nostalgic memories for me. I remember eating these and ripping into the prize envelope to see what treat I received! Could it be the ever-coveted "tattoo"?

Hey Cracker Jack was way ahead of their time with these tattoos! They may have blurred beyond recognition and washed off within minutes, but they were cool! So, I was eager to get "the mini" in the driveway and see what Sam and Lily had in their envelopes!

They handed me their packets and I squeezed to check if I felt anything hard. (Remember, some had little plastic trinkets or the 2-D pictures that changed when you tilted the card?) I ripped open the edges so carefully and...
this is what I found. A piece of paper. Huh?

Oh, excuse me, they call this a pencil topper. Lame-O! (Lily's was worse...she had a Q & A about Abraham Lincoln with a picture.) I want my money back!

Here's my precious All-Star:

Loving my "personal prizes"~


Tracey said...

I used love Cracker Jacks and I remember getting so excited about the surprise in the box... do you remember the mini magnifying glass?

Thanks for the trip down memory lane!!!

Craving Cracker Jacks,

The Hill Family said...

what a super creative snack idea for the team!!

cracker jacks ROCK!!