Tuesday, October 14, 2008

You have now entered "Mission Control"...

So a few weeks back, I mentioned that we were redoing the living room, dining room, half bath....the list goes on. Well, we've finished the living room and here's the final result!

For our lifestyle, a formal living room is just not a smart room. When friends come over, we usually congregate in the kitchen or on the deck; so I decided to make the living room useful! I now call it "Mission Control" and this is where all of my "mommy business" goes down! (Still need to hang some things on the wall)

I do believe that I've spent more time in this room over the past month than I have in the five years we've lived here!

As you can see, my next duty of business is sewing a Cub Scout badge! My fingers hurt already!

So what do you think?!?!?

Reporting for duty~

P.S. I love Halloween and decorating the whole house for it. I made this banner over the weekend! Too cute! (I won't take the credit for the whole thing...it's from a kit!)


Tracey said...

I love home improvement projects!! I love it ~ looks great but I have no idea what it looked like before!!

You can't iron the patch on???? I feel your pain on that one!


The Hill Family said...

Laurie, everything looks so great! I LOVE your colors, and goodness how organized you are! wanna come to my house??

and the Halloween banner looks so cute..two thumbs up!!