Monday, February 9, 2009

Vacationing with Mr. Murphy and his law...

So, this is my follow-up post to our week in Jamaica. I'm sure you are wanting to hear about the beautiful beaches, the exotic experiences and the fun times we had. Yep, we had a little bit of those things, and it was great while we did; but we spent most of our vacation experiencing Murphy's Law.

I know you are thinking "Whatever, you were on a free vacation in Jamaica, how selfish and rude of you to complain!!!!" Well, normally I would agree with that, but not in this situation and let me explain why....

Day One - We brought my EXPIRED passport to the airport causing John to have to drive back to get the correct one, causing us to miss our original 9:30 a.m. flight and sit in the airport for 6 hours until the 2:30 flight.

Day Two - Beautiful weather, yummy Jerk dishes and lots of sun and fun! However, 1) the room above us was leaking into our room, so we had to pack up and move to a new room and 2) later that night we had our cell phone stolen from our new hotel room. (Yes people, we were at the Ritz Carlton.)

Day Three - Another beautiful day and fun in the sun! However, we had John's laptop, backpack with car keys and ipods stolen from our room. (Yep, we are still at the Ritz.)

Days Four and Five - John comes down with the stomach flu and remains in the hotel room for the next two days. Icky-poo!

Day Six - We head home and fortunately were able to have my brother meet us at the airport with our spare keys to be able to drive our car home! We also found out at check-out that the thieves had raided our Honor Bar and gave us a $100 bill for the liquor they stole ... fortunately we didn't have to foot that bill!

So, not to be complaining, but Mr. Murphy definitely wrenched himself into our itinerary and didn't budge until we made it home. Yes, I did get a view of this:

And I got a couple of these:

But the most important part of the puzzle was that these cuties were safe at home waiting for us and for the surprises we brought back!

There's no place like home~


The Church Lady said...

Hhmmm, glad you didn't ask me to go with you! However, just a change in scenry had to be nice.

I wasn't sure that you had gotten the message that Pat had passed away the end of January. Way too quick. She had a memorial party at a Roswell restaurant which she had planned. Illiana left the next day driving to Seattle with her Aunt and Uncle. I was unable to attend the service, but Sue can fill you in with details of the celebration.

Are you taking any other trips????

Tracey said...

I kept waiting for you to say ......just kidding..... I'm so sorry!!! That is everyone's worst nightmare! At least you got to lay on the beach and get a couple massages!

Glad y'all got back in one piece!!!