Saturday, February 28, 2009

Snails and shells and puppy dog tails...

and let's add hair gel! What?!?!? Boys are made of hair gel? Well, Sam definitely had his share of hair gel yesterday!

After school, Sam went to play with one of his buddies in the neighborhood, Ian. They play well together and usually get involved in a good wrestling match or a good game of cops and robbers, you know, real boy stuff.

Ian, Sam and Max at Field Day last year.

So Michelle, Ian's mom, called me to say that she was about to drop Sam off. But, she needed to give me fair warning about his hair. My first thought was, "Oh no, were scissors involved?!?" Luckily that answer was "no"! She said that Sam had told Ian that he liked the way he gels his hair, so Ian decided to fix Sam's hair for him. Voila...the final result:

Actually, Ian did a pretty good job! I sure hope he has some hair gel left for Monday!

Headin' out to buy some Dep~

P.S. Needless to say, John was somewhat perplexed by this! ;-)


Tracey said...

Looking Good!!! Too bad they weren't having Grease auditions in your area.... Sam would have gotten the role of Danny... no doubt about it!!!

Great Picture~

Amanda Parker said...

nice hair =)

The Hill Family said...

Sam is such a little heartbreaker!! With or without the hair gel!!!

What I wouldn't give for his blonder than blonde hair, gorgeous!

Your posts are always so funny, I enjoy them so much. :)

We need to start planning our beach excursion dates. :)

dreaming of being blonder,