Saturday, February 21, 2009

Who's on first?

Surely, y'all know what famous skit I'm talking about...right?!?!? Who's on first, what's on second - yada, yada -- the Abbott and Costello baseball skit!!

Actually, how do I even know about this skit? What year did they do it? I'll blame my dad, I'm sure he has something to do with it; all those years of being forced to watch shows like Lawrence Welk and Hee Haw! (I admit...I loved Hee Haw! BR549, Junior Samples and Minnie Pearl!)

Anywho, the reason I bring it up is that Lily has her own version of this skit and it plays out practically every day. Her famous question, usually asked when she wakes up, is "Mommy, is today tomorrow?" Huh, how do you actually answer this? Can it ever be tomorrow? Don't we just live for tomorrow in hopes of a better day!?!?

I try to ignore the question and see if it goes away. It doesn't. So, in my own personal ode to Abbott and Costello, I've come up with an answer that pretty much ends the discussion. Drum roll please.........."Yes, honey, today was tomorrow yesterday!"

She just looks at me, somewhat confused and wanders away. I usually find her in the pantry with a much easier question to answer. "Mom, what's for breakfast?"

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow~


Tracey said...

I feel like I'm in that skit at different times of my life....

~ I love your answer! ~


The Hill Family said...

Haha!! I can completely relate to your story!!

Hope you guys are doing well...

Jill :)