Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What's old is new again...don't we wish!?!?

Well, as a mother I periodically have instances where I think I'm a genius and have prevented a great disaster. This started when Sam was a baby and he fell deeply attached to a "Cat in the Hat" stuffed animal. I was mortified thinking about what would happen if one day he couldn't find his "C.I.T.H"?!?! So, being the smart one, I searched Ebay and found a match!!!! Well, six years later I'm cleaning out his closet and I find the back-up. What do you think? Can you tell the difference? A missing bowtie and some stuffing popping out of the tummy....

He has been through the washing machine a couple of times, but for six years old, I think he's done pretty well! Now, I continued my thinking for Lily Clare and luckily my sister-in-law found her a back-up for her teddy! For some reason Lily's bear seems to have had a really rough ride. What's your opinion?

But doesn't that just mean it's been more loved?!?!? If you don't know already, I'm a major germ-a-phobe. I'm looking at this picture and I'm not quite sure why I haven't dipped this thing in straight-out bleach!!!!! ICK! The worse part about it is that Lily has foiled my plan and found the new one. She now thinks that she needs to have both teddys with her at all times.

Well, moms can only be so smart, right?

By the way, Aunt Janet was the one who gave both of these stuffed animals to the kids when they were babies and they grew very attached to them! She is very disappointed that she hasn't been featured on the blog, so here ya go....

Janet is John's sister who lives just around the corner from us. We all love having her so close and the kids get so excited when they get to have special afternoons with her!


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The Church Lady said...

I still have my "Mr. Mugs" monkey that I got when I was 2. He really looks good to be only 27 years old!

Miss you all. It's been quiet.

How's the pool coming along?