Saturday, June 14, 2008

What's that I hear?!?!?!? SPLASH!

Yes, we are officially swimming! I know we were pretty impatient clients for our pool builder, but it was actually only two months from start to finish! Of course, the minute the hose was placed in the pool, Sam was in the water. I had to laugh! Seriously, the man who acid washed the pool and put the hose in had not even stepped out of the pool and Sam came out in his suit and got in. Look at the pictures and you will see that the walls of the pool hadn't dried before he was splashing in the two inches of water! Lily Clare joined him quickly thereafter!

We are all really excited. We had pizza by the pool on Friday and swam until bedtime. (There's no way I could have cooked something...I was just as excited as the kids!) John's parents are in town for the weekend and it's nice to share the new found fun with someone!

Enjoy the pictures and tomorrow I'll add an update for Father's Day!

Who knew that 2" of water could be so much fun!?!?!

Can you see Sam's blonde head in the hot tub?

Not exactly my idea of a relaxing soak in the spa, but I guess there will be plenty of time for that!!!
Just pruning up~

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