Thursday, February 11, 2010

I love my camera!

My wonderful hubby gave me my camera for Christmas 2 years ago and it's rare that we are ever separated! (Me and my camera, that is! wink) I love capturing moments and being able to look back on them months, years down the road. And how boring would my blog be if I didn't have pictures to show the silly antics that are going on?!?! It may be sad to admit, but when I come across a blog with no pictures ... bye-bye, too boring!

I do not claim to be a "photographer"...I like to think of myself as a picture-taker! One day I'll take a class to learn the true potential of this little Nikon, but until then, I'll just keep snapping away! Here are some of my pics that I love!

Say cheese~

P.S. My camera toting ways are not always welcomed by my friends and family. But, all I can say is be prepared and "Smile"!

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