Monday, February 15, 2010

I love my "old man"!

That "old man" being our 14 year old black lab...."Bear"! In continuing my February "list of loves", Mr. Bear has to be included!!!

Let me tell you, this guy is a trooper! He came to us back in 1996. I was jogging through our neighborhood and he came out of nowhere and started following me. He hung around our house for about a week, then disappeared. A few days later he reappeared with what looked like some cuts and bruises from being hit by a car. We took him to a vet who made sure he was o.k., then we tried to find his "family" with no luck. At that point he became ours and has been pretty spoiled ever since! I will admit that his life was a little more luxurious before the kids came along, but he has adapted very well and he lets them poke, prod, and pull on him without a peep (or growl, I guess is the better word).

Here's to you "Old Man" you've been a great addition to our family!!

He can weasel into the most odd places:

He knows where to go to get some lovin':
He definitely knows how to savor the good life:
and has become a very big fan of the pool!
Lovin' our furry family member~

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