Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I love my computer!

If my house were on fire and I had to quickly grab something, it would be my computer! Well, after I grab my kids, of course!!!!!

This little laptop gives me hours and hours and hours and hours of enjoyment! I have it on all day and use it all of the time! Some of the things I love about it:

Google any dish you are craving and you can get recipes instantly, have any ache or pain and you can diagnose yourself easily (HA!), creating my blog, great way to communicate with family and friends, being forwarded some hilarious jokes, on-line shopping - YEA!, great way to communicate with teachers throughout the day, keep up with all of the celebrity gossip, Facebook!, the list goes on and on.

I do some really productive stuff on here too, I promise. I volunteer to do the Public Relations for the PTA, so I'm always typing press releases for the local newspapers and t.v./radio and I'm on our neighborhood BOD and handle the neighborhood news. So it's not all fun and games. (Although a lot of it is!)

And the amount and subject matter of my photographs on this laptop----PRICELESS! So, yep, this baby is one of my favorite things!

Call me "techno-nerd"~

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The Hill Family said...

i can relate!! my computer recently crashed and it was like a death! i finally have a laptop, and woohoo!!! i feel like a new woman!!