Sunday, February 21, 2010

I love scouting!

Some of the best memories I have growing up in Texas are from being in the Girl Scouts! The meetings, the friends, the crafts (Hey, give me some fabric and thread and I'll whip you up a "sit-upon" in no time!) I can't wait for Lily to be old enough to join!
(I must add that my sit-upon would be much fancier with ties to allow you to attach said sit-upon to your belt loops leaving your hands free to pick flowers and such!)

Right now, I'm enjoying watching Sam in Cub Scouts! I think this is such a great organization in teaching boys about responsibility, character development, fitness, etc. All under the motto of "Do your best." And Sam loves it, which thrills me to death! This is what's going on in my backyard as I type...

Learning the procedures for a flag raising ceremony.

Sam with his pine wood derby car.

Building character and being cute all at the same time! Good times!

Doing MY best~

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