Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fresh Air

Oh my goodness, I sure hope where ever you are right now that you've had the day that we've have! This weather is just beautiful! (And I know that we are very fortunate to get his little reprieve in the middle of February!)

I love fresh air and I've been waiting for a day like this to breathe it in, let it in, soak it in for a looonnnng time!

Today was an incredible 70 degrees with scrumptious sunshine! Have I used the word "beautiful" yet?!?! (I know I did, just wanted to reiterate it!)

First thing this morning, I opened the doors and windows and let the stale air of my house flow out and allowed the fresh air house smells like nature right now and I love that! (Also, smells like the ribs that John is cooking - an added bonus for my nose!)

Looking forward to another day like this tomorrow...

Fingers crossed~

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