Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I love this preciousness!

John and Lily Clare went to their first Father - Daughter Dance on Saturday night and look how beautiful they both looked!

Surely you know by now that Lily is definitely a Daddy's girl! I've learned not to take it personal, but I can usually guess who she will ask to sit by or to do something for her and honestly, I find it so cute! So, needless to say, Lily was so excited all week! Every morning she had her countdown until the big day. And when Sat finally arrived, we headed to the hair salon for a hair cut and then came home to prepare for the big date. This included the painting of the nails, the applying (very lightly) of the make-up and the donning of the fancy dress. She was beside herself when it finally came time to leave.

John said the evening was full of dancing, crafts, dinner and even a surprise visit from "Ariel"; Lily's favorite princess! She came home with a goody bag, a huge smile on her face and this picture, which is a new treasure being added to my memory bank! I sure hope this bonds lasts forever...even if that means I play second fiddle. It's still beautiful music!

Love my Daddy's Girl~

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Tiffany Anne said...

How sweet!!!! I am a Daddy's Girl too, but don't worry, because my mom is my best friend these days!