Friday, February 11, 2011

I love "Mr. Romance"

Who, you ask, is Mr. Romance? Well, it's this beautiful, blonde haired boy whom I call Sam!

As I've mentioned in previous posts, Sam is quite popular with the ladies. He seems to always have a girlfriend - or two. Is it his good looks, his sense of humor, his suave personality? I'd say a combination of them all.

Well, we all know what Monday is, right?!?! Valentine's Day - the day of love! So we spent this afternoon doing valentines for the kids to exchange at school. When we were at the store purchasing said valentines, Sam asked if he could buy a special gift for Grace. Grace is his friend that happens to be a girl. (Dare I say girlfriend?!?) He informed me last week that she had given him a heart shaped note that said, "I hate you". Wow, how things can change in a mere 7 days!

So here is Mr. Romance's valentine for Grace.
All ready to be delivered on Monday!

The lucky girl will receive a candy necklace, a heart shaped tattoo, a Lego card and a Fun Dip pack.

Watching Cupid at work~

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