Monday, February 21, 2011

I love these "peeps"!

Have I mentioned that I'm pretty darn lucky in the "parental" department?!?! Well, I am! Not only do I have doting, supportive parents, but I have some awesome in-laws, as well!

I was lucky to grow up in a close knit family with parents who supported me in my many stages of "dreams"! Then I got married; and when a lot of people are kinda given their wings to fend for themselves, I still had their support and -bonus- I got an addition of another set of supportive parents!

When I came home from the hospital with both Sam and Lily Clare, my mom and mother-in-law became a tag-team of incredible care givers/teachers/extra set of hands...they were like a team of professional wrestlers who specialized in pampering me and the precious newborns!

**This kinda resembles them, but different hair, for sure!


These four people are special and I know that I'm a lucky girl having them in my life!

Oh, and another reason I love them sooooo much is because they are about to do an incredible favor for John and me. Which will lead to my next post.............

To be continued~

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Tiffany Anne said...

I tend to love my hubby's family too....maybe you know some of them?!?!

I'm gonna be sad when February is over! I'll miss these posts!