Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm in love with a 119 year old man!

Now before you call John and get him all out of sorts, let me explain. This gray haired man is none other than...


Yep, he's 17 years old (we think). Multiply that by the 7 yr dog to human conversion = 119. Bear followed me home while I was jogging waaaayyyy back in 1996. After a hunt for his owner, him disappearing for a few days and then reappearing after being hit by a car (again, we think) he made his way into our lives permanently! And what a love he is!

This dog has never growled, nipped, bit or rolled his eyes (ha) at us in the 15 years we've had him. You know what he does? He loves. He loves, loves, loves and all he asks for is some scratches behind the ears or a pat on his head. What does his life look like? Well....

He knows a good relaxing spot when he sees it!

He is very good at "hide and go seek"!

He's always in on the action!

And yes, I know what is to be expected from a 17 year old dog, but that sadness is for another post that I hope I don't have to write for a while!

Love my furry senior citizen~

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